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Safety & Liberty for all those
exhausted by addiction & church hurt.

We are a dedicated group with simple, epic priorities; end addiction in our community, connect with those who are exhausted by the addiction of loved ones and support those who have survived the loss of a loved to suicide or overdose. 

If you are like us, you know there is more to life! You know you have a purpose but have struggled to find it.  If you are like us, you want to stop fighting to just get by and start enjoying your life. If you are like us you wish you had genuine friendships with people that will support your goals and celebrate your successes. If you are like us, you want to be the change we need to see and you are looking for ways to make that happen. 

InCourage IS a place to connect with people who believe we should be the change we want to see, that no one who struggles should be left behind, and no one is beyond hope and healing. If you are like us, this is YOUR place! 

Acts 2:42-47 is a template we follow. And we strive toward 1Thessalonians 1:4-8. So that we might see the gospel demonstrated not just preached!

Luke 4:18 is our creed. 


Psalm 23

What do you leave behind you?

How do others KNOW you have been face to face with Father?


Rembering- EC

Senior Woman Dancing

Testimonies remind us of Victories!

Have you ever been desperate to find relief from relentless pain? Listen as Ellie describes her fight &  her victory. You will hear exact ways to win your next fight!!

Remembering- LS

Burst of Light

When your entire world is shaken beyond what's possible, what is your response?

Listen as Lory shares the story of losing her daughter and grandsons to a murder-suicide. Listen to her response! This is audacious faith that stands through earth-shattering heartache with an "even if" faith. 

Listen to this button is linked to the podcast on Now to Next. Lory's podcast is one of the most listened to stories on the Now to Next Stitcher channel. 



Ever wish you could quit smoking?

Ever stop to think about how your smoking habit runs your life? You schedule smoke breaks. You leave meetings, dinners, chats with friends at the habit's demand. Smoking is a literal contract forfeiting your freedoms.  Listen to Mindee describe how she came to the end of her 3-year fight to quit cigarettes without withdrawal, without a struggle, and without a relapse!

Sandy Beach

InCourage Schedule at a Glance

Envisioning Sauk county free from the slavery of addiction, and overdose, and suicide! 

We are a three-part resource center.

1. InCourage RCO offers refuge and dedicated peer support to those tormented by the chaos, guilt, and shame of substance use and relapse. We are a sanctuary for those exhausted by addiction. We host a truly faith-filled recovery support group every week; Cross Talk.  We offer online and in-person meeting options. 

Thursday from @ Noon:  Cross Talk Recovery group. 

2. We are a teaching center. InCourage is an enemy to the status quo and anything that keeps believers from reaching the fullness of their destiny!  We have created a venue for prophetic voices to find community and quickly mature into their God-designed assignment.

For anyone desiring to discover their place in the current prophetic revolution, we meet weekly. If you have found yourself orphaned in local churches, we get it. Come find understanding and belonging. 

We dig deeply into the Word of God to discover strong foundations of faith and fresh revelation for this present age. 

Tuesday 10 to Noon:  Unearthed: Bible study & prophetic intelligence briefing. 

1p to 2:30p: True Intercessory Prayer & Worship

3. We are a true worship center.  We host a weekly Prophetic Intelligence Briefing and authentic Worship. 
We believe Matthew 10:8, Mark 6:13, John 14:12 are still true and we witness these truths lived out among us.  We put our faith into action with strong discipleship & deliverance that sets the captive free. 

Sunday at 4p Worship &

Prophetic Intelligence Briefing 

No upcoming events at the moment