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Opportunities to Connect with like minded believers

One Creed: Christ!    One Goal: Revival!

Gather with us!

We are a true prophetic training facility.
We still practice Worship, Warfare, & THE Word. 
We guard a supernatural worldview & genuine fellowship in Christ.
We meet in person weekly: Sundays & Tuesdays. Online Wednesdays. Thursdays by appointment for deliverance & discipleship.

Pray with us!

 We gather monthly online for a critical time in intercessory prayer. 4th watch is our time to be "watchman on the wall". We meet online once a month from 3am (yup you read it right...3 in the morning) to 6a to grow in the prophetic and prayer that routes the enemy

Signs and Wonders

Many of us believe that Matthew 10:8 and Mark 16:17 but few of us have had a place to grow in the supernatural.

InCourage is a safe to practice the giftings of the Holy Spirit.  

Every Christian's life should be full of signs and wonders!

True Discipleship Brings Real Freedom

Jesus made a way for us to have a relationship with a Holy God. A relationship with Jesus is THE ONLY WAY to have that relationship. (John 3:5) A relationship with Jesus should bring total life transformation. (Gal.2:20) The kingdom of God is peace, love, and joy in the Holy Ghost. (Rom.14:17)  Anything less is a counterfeit.  (Gal. 3:1)

Signs and Wonders follow!: Get Involved
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